Women's Basketball Parking

All basketball parking, including accessible parking, is reassigned annually by Tennessee Fund priority level and donor rank (as of July) then by lot preference. Your priority level is determined by your annual contribution. Each annual giving category is assigned independently. Donors must purchase basketball season tickets to be eligible. Please be aware that no choice or previous parking assignment is guaranteed. 

Priority I:

All donors giving $10,000+ annually

Priority II:

All donors giving $5,000-$9,999 annually

Priority III:

All donors giving $100-$4,999 annually

2017-18 Tennessee Fund Giving Level

2017-18 Basketball Parking Giving Level Pass Eligibility

$10,000+ annually (5) assigned in Priority I
$5,000+ annually (4) assigned in Priority II
$2,500+ annually (3) assigned in Priority III
$1,000+ annually (2) assigned in Priority III
$100+ annually / HILL (1) assigned in Priority III


*Luxury suite, loge seat, premium floor seat and baseline premium floor seat holders will receive their parking passes automatically with tickets as the charge is billed into the licensing cost.

Parking LotParking GarageShuttle Service
Number of Passes

Based on your giving level, you are eligible to order the following parking.  You must be a season ticket holder to be eligible for parking.

  • Premium Floor Seat Holders: (5) assigned based on rank
  • Nathan Dougherty Society: (5) assigned based on rank
  • Gold Victor, Silver Victor, Bronze Victor: (4) assigned based on rank
  • Mountaineer: (3) assigned based on rank
  • Trailblazer: (2) assigned based on rank
  • Plateau, Ridgerunner, Foothills, HILL: (1) assigned based on rank 

*Luxury suite, loge seat, and baseline premium floor seat holders will receive their parking automatically as it is billed into the licensing cost.

NOTE: In order to accommodate the most donors in G5/30, no account will be assigned more than (1) pass in G5/30.

Available Parking Lots

23D, G5/30, G4, G3, G10, 30A. 


Parking Garage Clearances

G3:  6'6" clearance

G4:  6'8" clearance

G10:  7'8" clearance


Accessible Parking for Tennessee Fund Donors

In order to request accessible parking, you must be a current Tennessee Fund donor with season tickets. If you do not meet these requirements, you may request accessible parking through the University of Tennessee Parking and Transit Services.

Handicap parking requests cannot be completed online or over the phone. To apply for handicap parking, please return your completed application along with photocopies of the following documents to the Tennessee Fund office via the return envelope sent with the parking application: state-issued photo ID, state-issued registration for the handicap placard, and the state-issued handicap placard (or license plate). All photocopies must be clear and legible and the name on the registration/ID needs to match the donor account. Applications are incomplete until all documentation is received. Handicap parking is free of charge under State of Tennessee guidelines and is reassigned each season according to Tennessee Fund giving level and rank until all spaces are filled.

The following lots will be used for accessible parking assignments:

G5/30 - Connected to the arena concourse and is not covered
G3 - Street level across from the arena, below G4
G10 - Connected to the arena concourse and the top level is not covered


Parking Fee

The 2016 basketball parking passes are $145 each when requested online by the Monday, August 15, 2016 deadline. If the request is placed over the phone, in person, or returned by mail, the basketball parking passes are $165 each. All late requests (placed after August 15th) are $165 each. As a reminder, your parking pass fee supports academic units on campus and is a pass through cost to the University. 


Parking Application Deadline

The deadline for parking applications is Monday, August 15, 2016. Parking passes will be shipped with your season tickets. If you requested your season tickets to be held at Will Call, your parking will also be at Will Call with your tickets.


Tennessee Fund Contact Information

Thank you for your continued support of the University of Tennessee. If you have any questions regarding your Tennessee Fund parking application, please contact our office at (865) 974-1218, by email tnfund@utk.edu, or you may chat live with a member of our staff during the day, Monday-Friday between 8 a.m.-5 p.m. EDT.