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Map of Parking Lot Proximity to Neyland Stadium



2014 Parking Guidelines


Parking Assignments

Parking passes are reassigned each year based upon Tennessee Fund giving level and rank. Please be aware that no choice or previous parking assignment is guaranteed. If your choices are unavailable or if you choose not to list choices, then your assignment will be made in the next available priority lot. We anticipate a very high demand for parking this season. Please remember you are not required or obligated to order your full allotment of passes if you do not need the full quantity.

Number of Passes

The number of passes you are eligible to order is based upon your giving level. Please see page 25 of the Tennessee Fund Donor Guidebook for details. You must be a season ticket holder to be eligible for parking.

Orange, White and Grey Zone Parking Lots

The Orange, White, and Grey Zone parking areas are detailed below and by color on the parking map.

Orange Zone Lots: Circle Park, 9, C8, 9B, G5/30, G10, C15, G4, G3, 23B, 7A, G1

White Zone Lots: C1, 22, 25, 11th Street, Fort Kid, C21, World's Fair Park, Volunteer Hall

Grey Zone Lots: 14, Ag Campus, UTVC, 40, Locust St. Garage

Parking Lot Changes

Please pay close attention to the parking map as you make your parking requests. Due to construction on campus, some parking areas that have been offered in the past will not be available or may be referred to by a different name, while new parking areas may be offered for the first time.

Lake Avenue Garage will no longer be an available game day lot. Students residing in the newly constructed Fred D. Brown Jr. Residence Hall beginning in the fall of 2014 will be granted parking privileges to Lake Avenue Garage.

The train no longer runs from Lot 14 to Lake Loudoun Boulevard on game days.

Accessible Parking for Tennessee Fund Donors

In order to request accessible parking, you must be a current Tennessee Fund donor with season tickets. If you do not meet these requirements, you may request accessible parking through the University of Tennessee Parking and Transit Services. If you are requesting accessible parking, this cannot be completed online. To apply for accessible parking, please attach a photocopy of your current state handicap placard or license plate record with your parking application and mail to the Tennessee Fund office via the return envelope you received with your parking application. We are unable to process your request if your placard is expired. Please write your name on the photocopy of your handicap placard. Accessible parking is free of charge under State of Tennessee guidelines and is reassigned each season according to Tennessee Fund giving level and rank.

Motorhome Parking Fee

The Motorhome parking areas include CFN2 (Ag Campus) and Lot 40 (off of Cumberland Avenue). Prices for parking passes have not yet been set for the 2014 season. If you are a donor in the RV Park on Stephenson Drive, you do not need to complete an online parking application for your RV Parking.

Car Parking Fee

Football parking passes are $150 each for the 2014 season. As a reminder, your parking pass fee supports academic units on campus and is a pass through cost to the University.

Parking Application Deadline

Parking applications are sent after the football season ticket renewal deadline. The deadline for parking applications was Friday, May 9th, 2014. You must complete your parking application by then in order to receive parking. Parking passes will be shipped with your football season tickets in August. If you requested your football season tickets be held in Will Call, your parking will also be in Will Call with your tickets.

Tennessee Fund Contact Information

Thank you for your continued support of the University of Tennessee. If you have any questions regarding your Tennessee Fund parking application, please contact our office at (865) 974-1218, by email, or you may chat online with a member of our staff during the day, Monday-Friday between 8 a.m.-5 p.m. EST. Click the link in the top right side of this page to chat live.

Click here for more information about Tennessee Fund giving levels and the priority points system.