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2015 Football Parking Assignments

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* Please be aware that no choice or previous parking assignment is guaranteed.

* Due to tremendous demand, we are SOLD OUT of parking for the 2015 football season and will not be able to fulfill relocation requests.


Priority I = $10,000+ annual fund contribution (NDS, Rocky, Gold Victor, Silver Victor, West & East Club 2+ seats, Tennessee Terrace 4+ seats)

Priority II = $5,000-$9,999 annual fund contribution (Bronze Victor, Tennessee Terrace 2 seats)

Priority III = $100-$4,999 annual fund contribution (Mountaineer, Trailblazer, Plateau, Ridgerunner, Foothills, HILL)


In the event your requested lot preferences were unavailable when your priority and rank period came, your parking assignment(s) were automatically allocated in the next best available lot as determined by the 2015 Tennessee Fund default parking lot order:

G5/30 Permit Holders:

In order to ensure a safe, secure and positive experience for all fans, the following policies are in effect for the G5/30 garage on football game days:

* In order to ensure daily parking for students, faculty and staff is maintained during the normal business day on Fridays before game days, set-up of tents, smokers, etc., will be permitted only between the hours of 6:00 pm & 9:00 pm. This parking area will be staffed and patrolled on Fridays before game days to ensure compliance with this policy. Please note that after 9:00 pm, entrances to this parking area will be barricaded and/or staffed by law enforcement or security personnel overnight until the lot opens at 7:00 am on game day. The University of Tennessee nor any affiliated parties is liable for damage to or loss of property.

* A particular emphasis on game days will be placed on ensuring that no parking spaces are used for tents, grills, picnic tables, power generators, etc. This includes individuals who have multiple parking permits for G5/30.

* No trailers will be permitted to remain overnight in the lot on Friday or enter parking lots on game day.

* We ask that you ensure drive lanes remain clear on game day. 

G10 Permit Holders:

In order to ensure a safe, secure and positive experience for all fans, the following policies are in effect for the G10 garage on football game days:

* Beginning at 7:00 am when the G10 Garage opens, donors will be able to park in any available parking space in the garage.

* Beginning at 9:00 am, regardless of kickoff time, the garage will be loaded from the top level down to the ground level—NO EXCEPTIONS. UT Parking Attendants will direct vehicles to the next available space from the top level down beginning at 9:00 am until kickoff. This will ensure all permit holders will have a parking spot in the G10 garage.

* If you wish to take advantage of open parking, you must arrive at the garage between 7:00 am & 9:00 am.

* If you plan to park with friends or family members who also hold a G10 permit, plan to arrive together. Once guided parking begins, you will not be able to hold spaces for additional parties.

* New this year will be a painted drive lane throughout the top level of the G10 Garage. This lane must remain clear and unobstructed to ensure safe movement throughout the entire top level of the garage.

* The size of tailgate parties can become an issue and create a safety hazard in the event of an emergency.  Please minimize the number of guests invited to your party.  In the event a University official determines your tailgate becomes large enough to create a safety or logistical issue, you may be asked to relocate your group.

* Of particular concern is the potential need to get ambulance and fire equipment into and around G10 in the event of a medical or other emergency.  We ask your cooperation and particularly request you to help encourage others in the area to treat their fellow pass holders with respect and courtesy.


Map of Parking Lot Proximity to Neyland Stadium

2015 Football Parking FAQs

How will parking be assigned now?

All football parking, including accessible parking, will be reassigned annually by Tennessee Fund donor rank within each priority. Your priority level is determined by your annual contribution. Each annual giving category will be assigned independently. Donors must purchase football season tickets to be eligible.

  • Priority I - $10,000+ 
  • Priority II - $5,000 - $9,999 
  • Priority III - $100 - $4,999
I have several types of giving with the Tennessee Fund.  How will my parking be assigned?

Each annual giving category will be assigned independently based on the priority level it falls under. For example, a donor with two seats in the Tennessee Terrace that also makes a $250 donation for seating in the south upper deck would have passes assigned based on their donor rank in Priority II (for $5,000 contribution associated with two seats in the Tennessee Terrace) and Priority III (for $250 Ridgerunner contribution). 


Why is this change occurring?

The Tennessee Fund (formerly Volunteer Athletics Scholarship Fund) has not had any major revisions to the parking assignment process since its inception. Over this time, the campus has experienced a significant reduction in available campus parking due to construction. This change will allow the athletic department to help meet its funding goals while addressing the continued development of the Knoxville campus. 


What is a ‘giving level’ and how do I know which one I fall under?

The Tennessee Fund has multiple categories that are listed below, and each category comes with various benefits associated with it (see page 14 of the guidebook for the full list of benefits). Giving level is determined by your annual contribution to the Tennessee Fund.

  • Foothills: $100
  • Ridgerunner: $250
  • Plateau: $500
  • Trailblazer: $1,000
  • Mountaineer: $2,500
  • Bronze Victor: $5,000
  • Silver Victor: $10,000
  • Gold Victor: $15,000
  • NDS: $250,000 (Over a 10 year period)
How many parking passes can I purchase?

The number of parking passes you receive is determined by your annual cash gift. Donors giving $10,000 or more are eligible to receive more than one pass. Please consult the guidebook on page 27 for specific totals. 


I do donate $10,000+ and qualify to be assigned in Priority 1 parking. Exactly how many passes am I eligible for?
  • 2 Club* Seats: 1 parking pass
  • 4 Club* or 4 Tennessee Terrace Seats*: 2 parking passes
  • 6 or more Club* or 6 or more Tennessee Terrace Seats*: 3 parking passes
  • Silver Victor ($10,000 annual contribution): Eligible to purchase 2 parking passes
  • Gold Victor or NDS ($15,000+ annual contribution): Eligible to purchase 3 parking passes
  • Rocky* (Skybox holder): 4 parking passes

*Cost of Rocky, East Club, West Club, and Tennessee Terrace parking is included in licensing fee.


How is my loyalty rewarded in this new system?

Your parking pass is assigned based on your Tennessee Fund rank within your priority level. Your rank is determined primarily by your lifetime giving.  Additionally, you can receive points for consecutive years of giving, alumni status or other factors. For a comprehensive list, please see page 31 of the guidebook.


I have been a Trailblazer ($1,000 - $2,499 annual contribution) since 1986. How will my parking be assigned?

Your parking will be assigned in Priority III based on your donor rank. Donor assignments in Priority I and Priority II, along with any donor ranked higher than you in Priority III, will determine lot availability for your assignment.


I am a Mountaineer ($2,500 - $4,999 annual contribution) and have accessible parking needs. How will my parking be assigned?

Your parking pass will be assigned in Priority III based on your donor rank. Donor requests in Priority I and Priority II, along with any donor ranked higher than you in Priority III, will determine lot availability for your parking assignment.


Are there still Orange, White, Grey parking zones?

No, all parking will be assigned:

  • First: by priority level (determined by annual cash gift amount)
  • Then: by donor rank within each priority level

Parking lot requests will determine availability.

I still have questions. Who do I contact?

The Tennessee Fund staff may be contacted Monday-Friday 8 am to 5 pm ET by phone at (865) 974-1218, by email at or you may chat live with a member of our staff during the day, Monday-Friday between 8 a.m.-5 p.m. EST.


Additional Information

Parking Assignments

Parking passes are reassigned each year based upon Tennessee Fund donor rank in each priority. Please be aware that no choice or previous parking assignment is guaranteed. If your choices are unavailable or if you choose not to list choices, then your assignment will be made in the next available priority lot. We anticipate a very high demand for parking this season. Please remember you are not required or obligated to order your full allotment of passes if you do not need the full quantity.

Number of Passes

The number of passes you are eligible to order is based upon your giving level. Please see page 27 of the Tennessee Fund Donor Guidebook for details. You must be a season ticket holder to be eligible for parking.

Accessible Parking for Tennessee Fund Donors

In order to request accessible parking, you must be a current Tennessee Fund donor with season tickets. If you do not meet these requirements, you may request accessible parking through the University of Tennessee Parking and Transit Services. If you are requesting accessible parking, this cannot be completed online. To apply for accessible parking, please attach a photocopy of your current state handicap placard or license plate record with your parking application and mail to the Tennessee Fund office via the return envelope you received with your parking application. We are unable to process your request if your placard is expired. Please write your name on the photocopy of your handicap placard. Accessible parking is free of charge under State of Tennessee guidelines and is reassigned each season according to Tennessee Fund donor rank in each priority.

Motorhome Parking Fee

The Motorhome parking areas include CFN2 (Ag Campus) and Lot 40 (off of Cumberland Avenue). The cost of a motorhome pass for 2015 is $300 and the two vehicle is $150. If you are a donor in the RV Park on Stephenson Drive, you do not need to complete an online parking application for your RV Parking.

Car Parking Fee

The cost for 2015 football parking passes is $150 per pass. As a reminder, your parking pass fee supports academic units on campus and is a pass through cost to the University.

Parking Application Deadline

Parking applications are sent after the football season ticket renewal deadline. The deadline for football parking applications was May 1, 2015. You must complete your parking application by then in order to receive parking. Parking passes are shipped with your football season tickets in August. If you requested your football season tickets to be held in Will Call, your parking will also be in Will Call with your tickets.