Football & Basketball Parking Passes


All football and basketball parking are reassigned annually by Tennessee Fund priority level and donor rank (football as of March 1 and basketball as of June 30) then by lot availability. Your priority level is determined by your annual contribution. Each annual giving category is assigned independently and annual fund donation levels are not combined to establish priority levels. Donors must purchase football or basketball season tickets to be eligible. The deadline to purchase football parking is April 30 and basketball parking is July 31. Please be aware that no preference or previous parking assignment is guaranteed.

Live Selection Process

All lot selections will occur online in real-time. This live process enables you to view the current priority level and rank of the last donor in each lot, edit your parking lot selection, and respond to changes as they happen. The parking pass application does not ask for preferences since the lot selections take place online.

Accessible Parking Passes

Accessible parking is reassigned each season according to Tennessee Fund priority level and rank. Please be aware that no preference or previous parking assignment is guaranteed. To be eligible for accessible parking, the Tennessee Fund must receive a copy of driver’s license, accessible placard, and accessible registration. All three documents must have matching contact information that correspond with Tennessee Fund account. If you are eligible for multiple parking passes based on your Tennessee Fund giving levels, the accessible parking pass counts as one of those passes. Only one accessible parking pass per donor account may be requested as accessible parking.

Motorhome/RV Parking (Football Only)

Motorhome/RV parking areas for Tennessee Fund donors include AGMH (AG Campus) and 40MH (off of Cumberland Avenue). Hookups are not available at either location. There is a limit of one companion vehicle request per motorhome/RV request. The motorhome/RV companion pass is required for a vehicle being pulled behind the motorhome/RV into the lot or for the vehicle pulling the motorhome/RV into the lot.

Motorhome/RV passes are not assigned through the live online process. Those assignments will be completed in June and emailed to donors who requested motorhome/RV parking.

NOTE: Parking area availability is subject to change without notice.