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Online Account

Through your account you may:

  • Renew your season tickets
  • Submit post-season ticket applications (if applicable)
  • Purchase single game tickets
  • View your away game seat assignments (if applicable)
  • Edit your contact information

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Mailing Information

Season tickets are shipped separately from individual and away game tickets and will NOT arrive in the same package. Season tickets are sent out via UPS and require a street address. Please confirm your address at the time you place a ticket order, as it is not possible to make address changes after tickets are printed. You must submit a change of address in writing to the Tennessee Fund office, or you can update your mailing address by accessing your account at

Lost, Stolen or Destroyed Tickets

The UT Athletic Department is NOT responsible for lost, stolen or destroyed tickets. If you purchase tickets directly from the University of Tennessee and they are lost, stolen or destroyed, please contact the UT Ticket Office at (865) 656-1200 for replacement options.

Accessible Seating

The University of Tennessee is proud to offer seating for individuals in wheelchairs, available on a seasonal and individual game basis. Please contact the UT Ticket Office at (865) 656-1200 or (800) 332-8657 for further information. Seating is limited so please make arrangements early. For patrons needing an elevator pass due to accessibility needs, please contact Event Management at (865) 974-1205.

Ticket Payment

Payment must be made by check, VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. Checks should be made payable to The University of Tennessee. Payment must be made by applicant or spouse; no second-party payments will be accepted. Cash will be accepted only from the person whose name appears on the application, and an ID will be required.

Charge by Phone or Online

Orders for available individual game tickets may be made using VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. All orders placed the week of the game will not be mailed but may be held for pickup at the ticket office or sent via email. All emailed tickets must be printed by purchaser and brought to the gate for admittance. Each order includes a service charge. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. If tickets are not picked up, no refunds will be issued. Visit for more information.

Ticket Office

The UT Ticket Office is located at northwest corner of Thompson-Boling Arena on the corner of Phillip Fulmer Way and Lake Loudoun Blvd. Office hours are 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. EST, Monday - Friday. For more information please contact the Ticket Office at (800) 332-VOLS (8657) or (865) 656-1200.

Visit for up-to-date ticket information.


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Transferring Priority Season Tickets and/or a Percentage of Tennessee Fund Priority Points

As a Tennessee Fund member, you are able to transfer your tickets and/or a percentage of priority points that you have earned to another account (does not need to be a family member). When ticket locations are transferred, the new ticket holder must assume the required minimum annual donation associated with that specific ticket location. This gift is due every year by March 1. A percentage of priority points awarded for annual and/or capital athletic gifts may be transferred. The percentage that you may transfer will match your total years of giving to Tennessee Athletics since 1986 (ex: a donor who has been giving for 10 years may transfer 10% of their priority points). Priority points awarded for “Consecutive Years of Giving” are not transferable.

If you wish to transfer your tickets to someone else, please complete this form, have both parties sign, and return to our office via email (, fax (865-974-2847), or mail to: Tennessee Fund, PO Box 15016, Knoxville, TN  37901.

Tennessee Fund Season Ticket and/or Priority Point Transfer Policy


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Season Ticket Relocations

Football and Basketball Relocations & Improvements

Each year, Tennessee Fund members who are season ticket purchasers receive the opportunity to view potential options to improve their seats. This relocation process is conducted online and based upon donor rank.  In rank order (with the number 1 ranked donor first), donors can access the online seat inventory system and choose to upgrade their current seats to any open seats that may be available during their relocation time period. Football ticket relocation typically takes place in May, and basketball ticket relocation typically takes place in August each year. 

Using this system, the Tennessee Fund reviews all requests from donors purchasing season tickets. Requests are reviewed beginning with the top annual giving category in rank order. This process continues through each annual giving category, in descending order, until all available tickets have been assigned. The point system is used to prioritize between donors in the same giving category when season ticket requests are reviewed. Donors belonging to the same annual giving category hold different ranks based upon their accumulation of priority points. Thus, a $5,000 donor with an overall rank of 4,000 would be reviewed after a $5,000 donor with a rank of 1,000. Once season ticket priority is established, donors must maintain or increase their giving level on an annual basis to retain their season ticket location. It is important that our donors keep their email addresses updated with our office, as we primarily use electronic communication for this process.


How are season tickets assigned or how can I improve my current season tickets?

Once season ticket priority is established, donors must maintain or increase their giving level on an annual basis to retain their season ticket location. If ticket holders wish to improve a seat location, they must be active Tennessee Fund donors and will be notified of opportunities to do so via their email account. It is important that our donors keep their email addresses updated with our office as we primarily use electronic communication for this process. Donors may review seat opportunities through our online virtual seat maps of Neyland Stadium and Thompson-Boling Arena.

I am a $1,000 donor with a Tennessee Fund rank of 2800 and season tickets in section X2. My friend is a $2,500 donor with a Tennessee Fund rank of 5000. She is purchasing season tickets for the first time. Who would have their ticket request reviewed first? If I wanted to move my tickets to sections R or W, would this be possible?

Based on her higher annual giving level, your friend would have her ticket request reviewed first. However, if you chose to increase your annual giving level by March 1, your request would be reviewed first because of your higher point ranking. More than likely, we could not change your tickets unless you increased your giving level. Based on last year's requirements, the last person who received tickets in sections R or W was a $2,500 annual donor.

My friend tells me that his season football tickets are grandfathered. What does this mean?

The Tennessee Fund was founded in 1986. Anyone who already was purchasing season tickets at that time was not required to make an annual Tennessee Fund gift to retain these tickets. Beginning with the 2006 season, grandfathered season ticket holders on the sidelines were given the opportunity to begin making a donation at a reduced rate or move their seating location to the end zones and have those remain grandfathered. Grandfathered tickets still remain in the upper and lower level endzones at Neyland Stadium.

Why does my friend not have to give as much as me, yet he has better seats than I do?

The Tennessee Fund aims to reward the loyalty of long-time donors. To do so we allow individuals to renew their seats at the donation level that was in place when they began purchasing season tickets. The demand for superior seats has increased over time; therefore the minimum annual donation for these seat locations has also increased. Your friend is able to renew his seats at a lower cost because he began purchasing his seats before the donation level associated with his section increased.

Once I have priority football or basketball season tickets, how do I keep them?

Once you purchase season tickets through the Tennessee Fund you will have the option to renew the same seats each year. The gift amount associated with your seats when you first purchased them will become the minimum annual donation required to retain the same location. As long as you continue to maintain the same annual gift, you will maintain the priority to purchase your tickets. For donors to continue renewing at their initial donation level they must renew their seats each year. Any year of non-renewal requires donors to contribute at the current donation level.

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