Parking Timeline

MARCH 1 - Donation Deadline for Football Benefits

The Tennessee Fund donor rank used for assigning football benefits was updated after the March 1 membership renewal deadline. This is the donor rank that will be used in the football parking assignment process. 

APRIL 1 - Season Ticket & Parking Pass Applications

Football season ticket renewals and parking applications are sent by email to address listed in donor account.

APRIL 30 - Season Ticket & Parking Pass Deadline

Football parking applications must be submitted by Monday, April 30, 2019, in order to participate in the live, online parking lot selection process. 

MAY 28 - Live Parking Assignment Process Begins

The 2019 football parking lot live selection process begins on Tuesday, May 28th when an email with login instructions is sent to all donors with season tickets who applied for a parking pass by the deadline (April 30, 2019).

JUNE 5 - Football Parking Pass Assignments Finalized

The parking assignments are final on Wednesday, June 5th at 5 p.m. EDT. An email will be sent notifying you of your 2019 football parking lot location.

AUGUST - Football Parking Pass Delivery

Parking passes are shipped with season tickets in August. If you requested your season tickets to be held at will call, the passes will also be at will call.