Parking Timeline

MARCH 1 - Donation Deadline for Football Benefits

The Tennessee Fund donor rank used for assigning football benefits was updated after the March 1 membership renewal deadline. This is the donor rank that will be used in the football parking assignment process. 

APRIL 2 - Season Ticket & Parking Pass Applications

Football season ticket renewals and parking applications were available at All 2018 Tennessee Fund donors who purchase football season tickets are eligible to submit a football season parking pass application. The number of passes you may request is determined by your 2018 annual giving level(s). The 2018 football parking passes are $150 each.

The email notifications for the live parking lot selection process will be sent to the default email address on your account. To update your email, please login to your account or call (865) 974-1218.

APRIL 30 - Season Ticket & Parking Pass Deadline

Football parking applications must be submitted by Monday, April 30, 2018, in order to participate in the live, online parking lot selection process. Requests received after the deadline will be placed on an interest list and then assigned with remaining inventory from the live process. Late applications may be submitted by calling the Tennessee Fund at (865) 974-1218. If more passes are requested than the number available, parking passes will be assigned by priority level then by donor rank. Donors who are not assigned a pass will then be notified and refunded.

MAY 29 - Live Parking Assignment Process Begins

The 2018 football parking lot live selection process begins on Tuesday, May 29th when an email with login instructions is sent to all donors with season tickets who applied for a parking pass by the deadline (April 30, 2018). All parking passes are assigned online in real-time, first by priority level then by donor rank as of March 1, then by lot selection based on availability. Parking lot availability is subject to change throughout the live process as other donors log in and change their lot selection. Parking assignments may change from 2017 based on the 2018 annual giving levels and lot selections of other donors made during the live process. At the start of the live process, parking lot selections are initially allocated by the 2018 football parking lot default order. This means you may not start the live process in the lot you were assigned last year. Within the site, you will see your current parking lot as well as the current priority level and donor rank of the last donor in each lot. You may log in to see and/or edit the parking lot selection as many times as you like until assignments are final on June 6, 2018. If you choose to not participate in the live process, your parking pass will automatically be assigned in the best available lot according to the default order.

*Motorhome/RV and accessible passes are not assigned online.

Throughout the selection process you have three options:
1) Change the Lot: To change your parking lot, you may select another lot based on your priority level and donor rank. You may only select from the lots that currently reach your priority level and donor rank. If your parking lot changes based on the decisions of others, your pass will automatically be allocated by your priority level and donor rank in the next best available lot according to the default order.

2) Disable Auto Lot Advance: The system will automatically try to move your pass up the default order if space becomes available. If you prefer the system to not automatically advance your pass above a particular lot, select that lot along with “Disable Auto Lot Advance.” In other words, if a lot one position higher in the default order than your desired lot becomes available, your pass will not be automatically moved. However, your pass could automatically be moved down the default order based on the decisions of others.

3) No edit: If you do not select a different lot nor disable the auto lot advance past a particular lot, the system will keep trying to move the pass up the default order, should space become available. Your pass is still subject to be moved out of the lot based on the decisions of others.

JUNE 6 - Football Parking Pass Assignments Finalized

The parking assignments are final on Wednesday, June 6th at 5 p.m. EDT. An email will be sent notifying you of your 2018 football parking lot location.

AUGUST - Football Parking Pass Delivery

Parking passes are shipped with season tickets in August. If you requested your season tickets to be held at will call, the passes will also be at will call. All accessible parking passes are shipped separately from season tickets.

To request a refund, you must mail back the pass, along with a refund request, to: Tennessee Fund, PO Box 15016, Knoxville, TN 37901. The pass must be received by Friday, September 7, 2018, in order to receive a refund.

Lost or stolen parking passes cannot be reprinted/reissued on a season or individual game basis.