Member Benefits


Each Tennessee Fund member’s priority and ability to obtain various benefits is determined by a combination of annual giving level and donor rank as determined by the Tennessee Fund point system.

Donor point totals are ranked each year as of gifts received by 5:00 pm on March 1st. The donor with the most accumulated points is ranked number 1, the next highest point total is ranked number 2 and so on. Consecutive years of giving points are withdrawn from a donor account if membership is not renewed annually. Regardless of rank, a donor's annual gift must be made in order to receive the opportunity to purchase priority tickets or parking.

2015 Tennessee Fund Guidebook


One annual gift to the Tennessee Fund qualifies you for season tickets for football, men's basketball, and/or women's basketball. Based on the current per seat donation requirements, the seat location varies by sport.

Demand for benefits such as tickets and parking passes created the need for a fair system to be established in which these benefits could be distributed fairly. The Tennessee Fund was created in part, to help address the needs of our growing donor base. The donor priority point system allows us to track support and award benefits as a way to say thank you for the support. Donor generosity has allowed Tennessee athletics to be 100% self-funded without financial support from tax or tuition derived dollars.

The Tennessee Fund uses a priority point system to help fairly allocate donor benefits. Donors receive points based upon the consecutive number of years that they have given to the Tennessee Fund, as well as for the total cumulative contributions that they have made. This system seeks to reward both a donor's longevity and gift amount when establishing priorities. With the point total, the Tennessee Fund can "rank" all donors regardless of giving category.

Points are allocated as follows:

  • 1 pt.    Awarded for each $100 donated to the Tennessee Fund* since 1986
  • 1 pt.    Awarded for each $100 donated to Capital/Endowment funds since 1986
  • 1 pt.    Awarded for each $1,000 in new annual money raised by a Vol Rep
  • 5 pts.   Awarded for each consecutive year of giving to the Tennessee Fund since 1986
  • 10 pts. Awarded for UT Alumni (one time award per account)
  • 50 pts. Awarded for UT letterman (one time award per account)
  • 50 pts. Awarded for gifts given prior to 1986 (one time award)
  • 50 pts. Awarded for 20 consecutive years of giving (one time award)

*Formerly VASF and Lady Vol Boost-Her Club

Priority points are used by the Tennessee Fund in the following ways:

Season Football and Basketball Ticket Improvements
Each year, Tennessee Fund members who are season ticket purchasers receive the opportunity to view potential options to improve their seats. This relocation process is conducted online and based upon donor rank.  In rank order (with the number 1 ranked donor first), donors can access the online seat inventory system and choose to upgrade their current seats to any open seats that may be available during their relocation time period. Football ticket relocation typically takes place in May, and basketball ticket relocation typically takes place in August each year.  

Football and Basketball Season Tickets Relocations/Improvements 

Using this system, the Tennessee Fund reviews all requests from donors purchasing season tickets. Requests are reviewed beginning with the top annual giving category in rank order. This process continues through each annual giving category, in descending order, until all available tickets have been assigned. The point system is used to prioritize between donors in the same giving category when season ticket requests are reviewed. Donors belonging to the same annual giving category hold different ranks based upon their accumulation of priority points. Thus, a $5,000 donor with an overall rank of 4,000 would be reviewed after a $5,000 donor with a rank of 1,000. Once season ticket priority is established, donors must maintain or increase their giving level on an annual basis to retain their season ticket location. It is important that our donors keep their email addresses updated with our office, as we primarily use electronic communication for this process. 

Football and Basketball Parking Pass Assignments

All football and basketball parking, including accessible parking, is reassigned annually by Tennessee Fund donor rank within each priority. Your priority level is determined by your annual contribution. Each annual giving category are assigned independently by rank. Donors must purchase season tickets to be eligible.

  • Priority I - $10,000+ Annually
  • Priority II - $5,000 - $9,999 Annually
  • Priority III - $100 - $4,999 Annually

Away Football Games, SEC Postseason Games / Tournaments, and Bowl Game Ticket Assignments
As a benefit of membership, Tennessee Fund donors receive first priority for away game tickets. Demand for some games will exceed demand for others, varying the number of donors able to receive tickets for each game. Away game ticket quantities are determined by giving category, and seat assignments are made in relation to donor rank. The number of tickets eligible for purchase for each game is indicated on the season ticket application. Donors eligible to pre-order away game tickets should do so when renewing their season tickets. In the case that demand exceeds supply, donors will be refunded.

Away Game Ticket Limits (per game) by Annual Giving Category
2015 Away Games: Florida, Alabama, Kentucky, Missouri 

Rocky Top, NDS, Gold Victor
(East Club, West Club, TN Terrace - 6+ seats, $15,000+ annually)
Rank 1-500: 8
All others in category: 6

Silver Victor
(East Club, West Club, TN Terrace - 4 seats, $10,000+ annually)
Rank 1-2,500: 6
All others in category: 4

Bronze Victor
(East Club, West Club, TN Terrace - 2 seats, $5,000+ annually)
Rank 1-3,500: 4
All others in category: 2

($2,500+ annually)
Rank 1-2,500: 4
All others in category 2*

($1,000+ annually)
Rank 1-1,000: 2
All others in category: 2*

*if available 


The University of Tennessee Athletic Department (UTAD) and individuals affiliated with the department, including donors, are governed by the rules and regulations of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the Southeastern Conference (SEC). Ensuring compliance with NCAA and SEC rules is a top priority for the UTAD. Compliance should be everyone’s responsibility, especially for our donors. Rule violations involving donors may adversely impact the eligibility of current student athletes as well as prospective student-athletes (recruits). Additionally, violations involving donors may prevent any future association with the UTAD. Your participation and acceptance of benefits and privileges available from the UTAD is your acknowledgement and agreement to abide by the rules and regulations of the NCAA, SEC and the UTAD. The UTAD Compliance Office serves as a resource for everyone affiliated with the UTAD.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Compliance Office at 865-974-3871 or